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First, a moment to thank all who responded to Acacia’s moving tribute to Symphony. It was a beautiful place, and was enjoyed by many thousands of residents which truly pleases me. On the one hand, it is sad to see such a thing become part of the Second Life legacy of impermanence, but this is something we know and understand as residents of the foremost virtual world in existence. Nothing lasts forever, especially not pixels.

However, I am proud to say that the soul of Symphony did not pass from Second Life, and has been reincarnated in Harmony Vista. I’ve just opened a new residential sim that has all the hallmarks of the Symphony experience – creative builds, natural environments, wide vistas and intimate hidden places. Returning from Symphony, in a new environment and wearing new “clothes,” are the old Mill House and the Lighthouse. Birds once again chatter at each other and soar above the ocean waves, grasses and flowers wave in summer breezes, horses wander the fields idly, and rabbits do… what rabbits do.

Through the middle of Harmony runs Mill Creek, a gentle, tree-lined, burbling brook graced on either side by walking paths, waterfalls, songbirds, and other woodland creatures. This community area features a small, well-lit coffeehouse called The Greenhouse, a community mercantile where residents may sell their own creations, free canoe and horse rentals, and a place to gather for events and play.

The lush terrain is beautifully crafted by Saiyge Lotus of Oubliette, and adds so much to the beauty and realism of Harmony Vista. Eight residential builds dot the shoreline, high and low, and feature the work of Ando Joubert, Ruki Ragu of Embryo, and Jenne DIbou of JD Toy Factory. Whether you prefer your living rustic, charming, or elegant, there is something here to please most tastes.

Next door to Harmony Vista is Prelude, built in the caldera of an extinct volcano, with open water for boating, lots of undersea exploring for the SCUBA set, mountain tops for meditation, and places to kick back, relax, and enjoy nature.

Come to visit, come to photograph, or come to live – it’s all here waiting for you!


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