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Symphony is growing! Please welcome our newest addition, Prelude. I’ve created Prelude in the same geographic vein as Symphony, bringing more of the U.S. Pacific Northwest to Second Life. The terraforming is reminiscent of a volcanic crater formation, common to the Cascade Range from British Columbia to northern California. Unlike Symphony, Prelude will feature little in the way of buildings, offering instead a park-like setting, wildlife refuge, and much more authentic marine biology.

So bring a tent (the only kind of camping you will find in the Symphony Islands), a bottle of wine, and a friend, and come visit Prelude!

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Stop by Hopper House Gallery on Symphony to see the winners of the Symphonic Pieces Photo Competition.  Some pieces are set to sale and several benefit RFL.  This show will run through July 15th.  On July 18th we will have an exhibition of photographs by the amazing Morgana Nagorski, the winner of this competition. Morgana will present a new series of photographs of the beautiful Symphony Sim. That show will open on July 18th, and we will send out details in advance.

"Symphonic Pieces" Runs Through July 15th

"Symphonic Pieces" Runs Through July 15th

Ando and I look forward to your visit.


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Real life certainly has a way of throwing schedules off. I did so want to post these immediately after the opening of the Symphony sim on Sunday . . . and here it is Wednesday.

I am delighted to announce the winners and finalists in the first Symphony Photo Competition, “Pieces of Symphony.”

First Place Gold and $10,000 lindens went to Morgana Nagorski for her skillful evocation of the mysterious side of Symphony in  “Prelude.”   She situates her mysterious woman with Symphony Library in the distance and leaves us with a sense of the profound mystery that underlies all of life.

Prelude by Morgana Nagorski

Prelude by Morgana Nagorski

Second Place Silver ($5,000 lindens) went to Elusyve Jewell for capturing the peaceful side of Symphony with “Serene.”  This photo was taken at Serenity Point, a meditation area with butterflies and birds . . . the perfect spot for a cup of tea and a good read.

Symphony Serene by Elusyve Jewell

Symphony Serene by Elusyve Jewell

And the Third Place Bronze ($1,000 lindens) went to Vivian Tuqiri for “Faro.”  This photo captures the iconic Symphony lighthouse and the sea beyond.  And what a wonderful sense of light!

Faro by Vivian Tuqiri

Faro by Vivian Tuqiri

One criteria the judges used is the ability of the photograph to capture some part of the essence of Symphony.  The judges asked, “Would we use this to convey the idea of Symphony to others?”  Each of these top photos does just that.

In his remarks at the opening, Ando Joubert said,  “My – our – guiding principle here was to create a place of beauty and romance, and while I believed I had succeeded, the parent is always proud of his child, and finds her more beautiful than all others. That said, seen through the eyes of some of Second Life’s finest photographers, I now know that I did indeed create something that I’m proud to introduce to the world. Every one of you who participated in this contest should be proud. You have uncovered her in ways that I had hoped, and also in ways I never imagined.”

My – our – guiding principle here was to create a place of beauty and romance, and while I believed I had succeeded, the parent is always proud of his child, and finds her more beautiful than all others. That said, seen through the eyes of some of Second Life’s finest photographers, I now know that I did indeed create something that I’m proud to introduce to the world. Every one of you who participated in this contest should be proud. You have uncovered her in ways that I had hoped, and also in ways I never imagined.

There were 9 finalists as well.  Each captured a different aspect of Symphony, from the romantic to the whimsical, and from the meditative to the nostalgic.  Please visit the flickr Symphony photo stream to view all of them.


Alphabetically, the finalists are:

Kayla Ariel for “Explosion of Flowers”

Chance Genira for “Symphony Sunset”

Opal Lei for “Soprano Trill”

Laurel Luminos for “Love’s Flight”

Brie Pinazzo for “Symphony 3”

Elzo Pinion for “Symphony Lighthouse”

Rhi Rossini for “Distortion”

Blues Thor for “Bridge in Sunset”

Lorimae Undercroft for “Symphony Bird — Welcome Home”

Finalists each received one of Ando’s Fire Flowers.

The twelve photographs are on display in Symphony Square until the weekend.  Beginning on Saturday, June 20th, they will be on display at Hopper House Gallery on Symphony, where they will remain until July 15th.  The photographers have been invited to set their works for sale.  Please stop by and support their work.

We have invited Morgana Nagorski, the first prize winner, to do an exhibition of photographs of Symphony that will open on July 18th.  Stay tuned for further details.

Ando plans to sponsor other photo competitions on Symphony.

Ando and I are grateful to the photographers for their wonderful work and the new eyes they brought to our beloved sim.  We are also grateful to the visionary Catalina McCaw for helping us judge the competition.  She is an amazing woman and a dear friend, and we are thrilled to look forward to the grand opening of her sim, Wizard.

~ Cacie

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Sunday, June 14th, from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. s.l.t., we will be celebrating the official opening of the Symphony sim. Ando Joubert will announce the winners of the Pieces of Symphony Photo Contest, and guests are invited to meet and mingle and visit the Hopper House Gallery, where the top ten photos will be on display, some for sale.

This would be a wonderful time to tour the sim . . . we have beautiful paths, secluded beaches, luscious waterfalls, and lovely buildings.

Formal attire is suggested . . . this is a celebration and a milestone for us!!  The first of many!!

The evening will begin in the town square.  After the announcement of the contest winners, you are invited for wine and cheese at the Hopper House Gallery or to remain in the square for dancing and conversation.  Please join us!

Map:  Symphony.

Town Square Symphony

Symphony Town Square

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Typically, this blog is focused on recounting the adventures of a master builder and SL architect, Ando Joubert, and his newbie builder apprentice . . . me!  As well as reviewing texture and other providers of the tools for building, offering tips for new builders and so forth. 

However, today is a special day for those of us who love Second Life’s high quality content creators.  Today is the day we honor one of our greats – Neferia Abel. 

True to form, I will focus on what this blog is all about . . . building . . . because Neferia is a consummate builder . . . of clothing and of a well remembered beautiful sim, a tribute to her Norwegian homeland.  Sadly, I have no pictures of the old sim, but many fond memories of chilling out in the little Norwegian town at the edge of the sim, or flitting about the Viking ship moored there.  Perhaps you remember it as well.  And then there were the hunts.  Nef is famous for them and for the very high quality treasures she gave away.  I think the first hunt I participated in as a new player was one of hers. One designer offering as many items as some of the collaborative hunts do now.  Amazing!  Generous!

With that in mind, I decided to model one of the goodies from this past Easter hunt.  It illustrates two things that in my estimation make Nef not only a distinguished clothes designer, but also a really great builder:  fantastic texturing and the building of arguably some of the best prim skirts in Second Life.  When you’ve moved in an Ivalde skirt, you don’t settle for anything less ever again.  Quite simply, they are fluid, graceful and beautifully constructed. 

Summer in Ivalde at Symphony

Summer in Ivalde at Symphony

The texture of this lovely dress is subtle and understated, with a lovely old fashioned quality.  The skirt . . . sorry this is a still photo  . . . moves with exactly the right feminine sway.  In this dress, there is eternal summer, when girls of all ages indulge their romantic fantasies.  A dress like this makes that possible.  No, it makes that inevitable!

There are other gowns of hers I love . . . her Marilyn Monroe dresses are to die for, especially the famous Wiggle dress in black, and I have a lovely pale green Edwardian number of hers that makes me feel like Katherine Hepburn in the African Queen.  But you can see, that even in a simple freebie, everything Neferia Abel does is executed with love and painstaking care.  And, novice builders, take note, this is exactly how it should be.  It’s all in the details.  The great builders give painstaking attention to them. 

I was sad to hear of Nef’s real life circumstances that would subtract her considerable talent and great kindness from this world of ours and absolutely thrilled to hear that friends had rallied, so that we would all still be able to indulge our Ivalde habit while she is away . . . hopefully to return in the fall.  Kudos to everyone involved in making that happen. 

Now, if only someone would do the same for Miriel Enfield.  Her extraordinary sim is soon to vanish as well, along with the best eyes, beautifully constructed jewelry, genius vendors, a stunning forest complete with bracket funghi growing on some of the most realistic trees in all of Second Life.  And Miriel made all of it . . . textures, objects, scripts.  That will sadly all be gone soon too.  This is the point in chat where I would type “/me sighs.”

Saying Goodbye at Miriel

Saying Goodbye at Miriel

We can only wish both remarkable and talented women the very best and hope that they will return to share their talents with new generations of Second Lifers.  Ladies, you will be missed in your absence.

~ Cacie

I am wearing

Dress:  Ivalde, Juliette, Lavenderros, Easter Egg 5 from 2009 hunt

Necklace:  Miriel, Limited Edition Heart, Rose Gold (made to support an ill friend)

Eyes:  Miriel, Standard Eyes, Mossy Rock (free)

Shoes:  Pixel Mode, Leeza Stilettos, white

Hair:  Damselfly, Verena, Cinnamon Warm

Skin: Belleza, Belle Medium Smokey Mocha

Nails:  Kunglers, Pearl

Shape:  my own

Poses:  Torrid Midnight

Photos taken on Symphony and on Miriel

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